People with Hemophilia

For people with hemophilia, life can be a challenge. However, the word hemophilia should not be associated with terror. It depends upon the severity of hemophilia that you are affected with. The severity of hemophilia bleeding depends upon the extent of deficiency of factor VIII.  The normal percentage of factor VIII activity in the blood should lie above 50%, whereas in cases of mild hemophilia, it would lie within the range of 5% to 50%. When the range is above 1% but below 5%, it is classified as moderate hemophilia. A person suffering from severe hemophilia has a factor activity of less than 1%.

Being diagnosed with mild hemophilia does not impact the lifestyle patterns of individuals very drastically. But being diagnosed with severe hemophilia can surely can. It would mean abstinence from contact sports and from strenuous physical labour. However, it in no sense means that people with hemophilia should stop enjoying life.

With a little bit of caution, people living with hemophilia can enjoy relatively all the normal joys of life. Being diagnosed with hemophilia does mean that you cannot enjoy a vacation. It means that you can enjoy the break provided you always carry your emergency supply of replacement factor, syringe and the contacts of your nearest hemophilia centre which would cater to your needs. Also, when travelling alone always wear a medical bracelet which states your disorder.

Examples like Abraham Lincoln inspire people with hemophilia. Not many know that the president was a haemophiliac, and in spite of the disorder led America through one of the most politically difficult times. Treatments and therapies during those times were not advanced, but will power has always been. And that is what people with hemophilia need- A strong mind, which would evidently give you a strong body.

To get the desired strong body, people with hemophilia should indulge in fitness exercises. These have dual benefits. On one hand they would strengthen your joints and muscles to prohibit internal bleeds. On the other hand it would help you manage weight which when increases lays undue stress on the joints. This additional stress on the joints can be a reason to trigger a bleed. Also, obese people take a longer time to recover. Indulging in improving the fitness level of yourself and your family would include performing basic warm up exercises regularly. It would also include performing simple household tasks yourself since they promote mobility.

Amongst the precautions one should not forget about education and awareness. People with hemophilia should educate their children, their friends and relatives about the ailment. This would enable them to take necessary steps in case any emergency arises.

People with hemophilia should also consider visiting their doctor or hemophilia centres regularly and get themselves tested. These tests keep them updated with the current position of their body. Such analysis would help the doctor to prescribe therapies accordingly.

Hemophilia treatments are expensive. And in many instances, people with hemophilia have been denied treatments due to lack of funds. Many associations, trusts and groups have come forward to resolve this issue. Treatment centres have also come forward to treat people with hemophilia at subsidised fees. Frequent infusions are an important part of the increased cost. This issue however can be resolved in the future with the implementation of gene therapy.

Gene therapy holds promises of a renewed life for people with hemophilia. Under this therapy, the deficient gene is replaced with a corrected version. This therapy can permanently cure people with hemophilia. However this is still in the laboratory phase. Scientists have achieved some success in the field if the trials continue to be successful; gene therapy could soon be implemented.

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