What Causes Hemophilia Mutation?

Hemophilia can be inherited from the mother and this rare blood disorder is mostly dominant in males especially if the mother is the carrier. If the father has hemophilia and the other is not a carrier, then the son will not likely acquire the same disorder. This disorder can lead to defective genes that can cause impaired blood clotting. The factors 8 and 9 have something to do with this blood disorder. Genes are from the X chromosomes that will determine the gender of a baby. This is hemophilia mutation because F8 and F9 genes can definitely cause hemophilia.

Mutation in F8 gene is a hemophilia mutation and can cause hemophilia A, though the mutation in F9 gene can lead to hemophilia B. It is F8 gene that is responsible in the making of the protein known as coagulation factor VIII. The related protein which is coagulation factor IX came from F9 gene. These clotting elements are known in nature that will work together in order to complete entire coalescence procedure. It is the blood clotting process that protects the body from any kind of infection by sealing the damage blood vessels to avoid excessive blood loss.


Hemophilia mutation in F8 and F9 genes may push through in the fabrication of abnormal factor such as VIII which is known as the clotting factor. This gene that is altered cannot efficiently participate in the process of coagulation and this altered gene is not working at all. This gene mutation can cause hemophilia mutation. Any shortage of this protein can prevent blood clotting process from performing efficiently in case of injuries. This failure to complete the clotting process will case uncontrollable bleeding that is very hard to regulate and can cause death. Hemophilia mutation can completely rid of the normal activity of the two important elements such as coagulation VIII and factor IX. This can result to the worst case of severe hemophilia.


The mutation can be reduced but it cannot remove the action of these defective proteins that can eventually lead to mild and moderate hemophilia. There are some cases when hemophilia can be acquired whenever the body makes proteins. These proteins are known as autoantibodies that have the ability to hinder the coagulation process to occur.  The presence of autoantibodies can also be linked to immunity malfunction, allergic reactions, cancer and pregnancy. If you will learn more, then you will better understand hemophilia mutation.


Changes in F8 or F9 will result to hemophilia mutation A and B. the disorder can be inherited in the X linked.  The condition is known as X linked when the mutated gene that causes the blood clotting disorder is in the X chromosome, which is known as one of the two chromosomes. It is always that chromosomes come in pair. Women always have two X chromosomes and men have only one X and the other one is Y chromosome. It is the mother who is always the carrier of the defective gene in one of her X chromosomes.


In case the mother has a son, there is 50% chance that he will acquire hemophilia. On the other hand, if she has a daughter, then there is also a 50% chance that she will be a carrier of the defective gene. It is also true that a man with hemophilia mutation will not be able to pass the same disease to his son; however, there is a daughter that will become a carrier. It is a rare case that a daughter will be born with hemophilia. Just like what have stated earlier, this will only happen if mother is carrier and father is hemophilic.

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