The Effects of Hemophilia

Being diagnosed with hemophilia can change your lifestyle overnight. No more active sports and no more of casual tussles with friends. Life of a hemophilia patient can sometimes be challenging but it should not discourage your spirits to overcome it.

Immediate effects of hemophilia can include bleeding due to minor injuries and bleeding into joints. Soft tissues and areas with thin fibrin are more prone to such bleeds and allow easy injuries.  Bleeding in joints, followed by an inflammation is another sign of hemophilia. Such internal hemorrhages can lead to permanent deformities. Site of an internal hemorrhage can be anywhere from the urinary tract, to knee joins and intestine.

Internal bleeds which are not treated with immediate effect can prove to be fatal for patients suffering from hemophilia. Deposition of blood in between joints can erode the joints. Such injuries in children can lead to permanent complaints of the joints. This is one of those effects of hemophilia the patient might be compelled to live with forever. The only treatment for such joints would be surgery. These are major surgeries which are not feasible for patients suffering from hemophilia. Since, clotting would always be a complication.

As soon as minor effects of hemophilia are noticed in a person, he should be taken to the doctor immediately to enable apt and proper treatment for the ailment at its earliest. The doctor will prescribe appropriate medical tests which would ascertain the count of clotting factor activity in the blood and also the time the blood takes to clot. On the basis of such diagnosis severity of hemophilia would be determined.

Spontaneous bleeding can is one of primary effects of hemophilia. It is directly associated to the disorder. However, only patients with severe hemophilia may experience this. For patients with mild hemophilia, the effects of hemophilia that would be noticed would not be extremely prominent. In such cases the disorder would surface only in case of a surgery or a severe trauma.

Out of effects of hemophilia, swelling and inflammation of the joints is a common complain. The only remedy against this is the intake of steroids and other pain killers. Special care should be taken to not consume aspirin in any form, since it has properties that dilutes the blood and promotes prolonged bleeding. You should also abstain from activities that could directly or indirectly be a cause of a bleed, like carrying heavy weight. This can lay stress on the joints causing a bleed.

Some patients tend to develop inhibitors towards clotting factors as a result of hemophilia. This can extremely difficult to treat. The immune system of the body attacks the clotting factors when they are infused rendering them ineffective. Compounds of other clotting factors apart from VIII and IX are given to such patients to promote clotting to enable treatment for hemophilia.

Hemophilia patients should strive to maintain high personal fitness. Following a work out regime that would only strengthen the muscles and not the joints is of prime importance. Swimming is such an activity. It strengthens all body muscles without laying stress on the joints. Dental care is also of high priority. A regular visit to a dentist who is specialized in treating patients with hemophilia is mandatory, since he would have the expertise of handling any emergency situations.

Living with hemophilia requires caution but it certainly does not mean that you cannot lead a relatively normal life. It does not mean that you cannot enjoy long vacations, but it does mean that you need to be in the proximity of your clotting factor solution.

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